The development of a PlayDecide game as a new methodology for exploring psychological safety within healthcare teams

Sponsored by: Irish Research Council (IRC)

Programme: IRC Employment-Based Postgraduate Programme

This research will focus on psychological safety within interdisciplinary healthcare teams. It offers a new methodology for exploring psychological safety through the development of a PlayDecide game. PlayDecide is a discussion game that allows participants to talk in a simple, effective and safe way about controversial or sensitive issues. This project will work with the Ireland East Hospital Group to develop a PlayDecide game to facilitate discussion about psychological safety within healthcare teams. This game will be informed bya review of the literature on psychological safety, case studies and interviews with healthcare professionals and input from patients and patient representatives. The game will be co-designed during five workshops involving multidisciplinary healthcare workers, patient representatives and researchers. Using a co-design approach means that researchers and endusers collaborate from the beginning in question framing, research design and delivering outputs. This approach to designing the game will ensure that it is relevant to Irish healthcare teams. Feasibility and pilot testing will be performed in order to determine if the game is an effective means of exploring psychological safety within healthcare teams and follow up interviews will be carried out with participants to investigate their experience of taking part in the game. This study will create a game that can be used to facilitate discussion and consensus around psychological safety within teams. Further research may develop the game as a tool to increase and measure psychological safety within the healthcare industry as well as among teams from other industries to create effective team work, staff engagement and quality improvement.