ESTHER: UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems and Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST), School of Nursing

Project’s duration: 09-Jan-17 to 08-Jan-18.

The project is funded by ESTHER Ireland.

Project’s Description:
The aim of this partnership is to support the BSC in Nursing programme at Meru University of Science and Technology in Kenya. It is expected that support will be channeled through the delivery of workshops to staff members, the provision of reading materials (where possible), suggestions to staff about relevant and up-to-date reading sources related to the programme, and support with other resources (for example simulation models/ manikins). Given the gap identified in human resources for health in the country, which is believed to contribute to poor health outcomes, we expect that trained nurses and midwives will eventually join the health workforce to help fill the gap and help support the delivery of essential services, particularly in maternal and child health, thereby uplifting the quality of health care delivery in the country.

This partnership will offer an opportunity to broaden our horizons, understand new cultures and objectives & goals of this, learn about disease patterns in the two contexts. There is potential that this partnership will open doors to build networks with other organizations, and hence widen the local and international health partnerships. It is hoped that lessons learned from the collaboration partnerships will help support the design and delivery of interventions to address identified health challenges locally (Meru). While such interventions will be led by UCD, the community in Meru, through the Meru University (BSC Nursing students and staff members), will be actively engaged in identifying matters that affect health and in the design and implementation of these interventions. The aim of this participatory approach will be to empower communities and strengthen their capacity to take charge of their own health.

L-R: Dr. Purity Mwendwa, Dr. Gabrielle O'Kelly, Dr. Naomi Kathure Mutea, Dr. Maryjoy Kaimuri.