Nursing & Midwifery Quality Care-Metrics Project

Funded By: Health Services Executive (HSE).

Project's duration: 01-Oct-16 to 30-Sep-17

Project’s description

Nursing & Midwifery Quality Care-Metrics Project UCD involves three workstreems:

  • Work Streams 1 and 2: Community & Public Health Nursing and Acute Services. Lead Academics: Professor Laserina O'Connor and Professor Eilish McAuliffe.
  • Work Stream 3: Children's Nursing. Lead Academic: Dr Maria Brenner

The need to deliver greater value and increased efficiency while guaranteeing ever-higher quality care is placing a requirement on healthcare organisations to provide evidence of the quality and safety of care. This includes the requirement to ensure all care is evidence-based and that quality of care is regularly monitored and processes and outcomes measured and reviewed.  Real-time measurement of the quality of care delivery can be used to prompt decisions that will influence the timely improvement of care and the patient experience. As nurses and midwives provide care to patients around the clock, it is imperative within effective clinical governance that an assurance mechanism to indicate the safety and quality of nursing and midwifery care processes is embedded within organisations.  Measurement of the contribution of nursing and midwifery to safety and clinical quality improvement involves capturing information on many aspects of care quality that includes safety, effectiveness, and the clinician and patient experience.

Currently, the research team is in the process of conducting a systematic review to identify existing metrics in use nationally and internationally, as well as to identify additional relevant measures for nursing and midwifery quality care processes.  Recruitment for the next phase of the project, a Delphi study, is also underway. Nurses and midwives working in public health, acute, children, midwifery, mental health, older persons, and intellectual disability services are being asked to participate.  This iterative process will be used to generate consensus and inform the next stage of metric development, working towards one common metric system for nursing and midwifery in Ireland.