Lunch Time Webinar

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Developing Effective Communication Skills among Nursing and Midwifery Students using Van Gelderen Family Care Rubric (VGFC)

Stacey Van Gelderen DNP, MS, RNC-MNN, PHN is a nurse educator who has focused her career on building family-focused caring practices and nurses' communicationstrategies. She has been evaluating pedagogical approaches that make stronger links to family nursing science and clinical practice. Over the last 21 years, Dr. Van Gelderen’s clinical expertise has been caring for childbearing and childrearing families. Dr. Van Gelderen is the primary author of the Van Gelderen Family Care Rubric (VGFCR) (2019, 2016) which is an evidenced-based validated tool that helps nurses develop family assessment and communication skills. This tool is recognized by the renowned International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning and was recently awarded the 2018-2019 articles of influence by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. The VGFCR is currently being utilized by healthcare staff and educators in nine countries across the globe. Dr. Van Gelderen serves on the International Family Nursing Association education committee and co-chairs the Simulation, Technology & Informatics sub- committee. Dr. Van Gelderen offers workshops and consultations for simulation, nursing education, and family practice.


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