My Fulbright Journey: an Interview with Assoc. Prof. Suja Somanadhan

Tuesday, October 11, 2022
  • Suja Somanadhan

As we continue to celebrate the achievements of staff and students in the School, we wish to share with you an interview undertaken in late August with our colleague Assoc. Professor Suja Somanadhan. As you may know, Suja was the recipient of the 2019 HRB Health Impact Fulbright Award. Due to Covid 19 she delayed her travels to the USA until the Summer of this year. Suja traveled to Pittsburgh and then Washington DC, meeting and sharing with some of the top academics in the area of children's rare disease research in the world.  

If you wish to listen to the interview please grab a coffee and prepare to be inspired.

YouTube Link

Suja joins a long line of Fulbright Scholars in the School, most recently Dr. John Gilmore who was a 2022 recipient.

Find out more about the Fulbright Programme here.