U21 Glasgow Doctoral Student Forum September 2019

Monday, September 9, 2019

"Attending the U21 Doctoral Student Forum in Glasgow was an exciting opportunity for me. It was a chance for me to learn from other PhD students and to develop an international network of fellow researchers. "

"I was given the valuable opportunity to present an 8-minute presentation on my own research. This was a challenging but rewarding opportunity for me to reflect on the work I had done so far. In particular, I really enjoyed sharing the work I had completed in collaboration with researchers in the Netherlands. I also valued the chance to get feedback and questions from the international audience attending the Forum.  It was very inspiring to listen to the important work being conducted by other PhD students. After the presentations, the Doctoral Students Forum ran a masterclass called “After the PhD”. This session was extremely valuable because it showcased the exciting options there are for careers both within and outside of academia. This session raised my awareness of the valuable transferable skills we gain while completing a PhD and the interesting and diverse career options that are available as a result'

Roisin O'Donovan PhD Student SNMHS


'Conferences are essential in enabling PhD students to present their research succinctly to audiences that provide support and feedback on the research. Presenting my research in the U21 Glasgow conference has been an important learning experience in my PhD journey which has made me much more confident. This platform provided me with the rare opportunity to interact, learn and build connections with other research students, researchers, and academics from across the world. Participating in various workshops throughout the conference helped me rethink my research questions and methodology and helped me refine my research' Zuneera Khurshid PhD Student SNMHS