Disability Support

A range of supports are available in UCD for students with a disability. These include the general supports available to all students including a Personal Tutor, Student Advisor and the Chaplain, and more specific supports offered by UCD Access Centre and the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems (SNMHS).

Nursing and midwifery students with a disability can avail of the supports provided by the UCD Access Centre team which consists of a Disability Adviser, Assistive Technology Officer, Access Librarian and Learning Support Tutors (see web site below). The UCD Access Centre provides a needs assessment and identifies reasonable accommodations, including assistive technology and applications for financial assistance for students with a disability. The Association for Access Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) provide up-to-date advice and information for students with a disability (see web site below).

The SNMHS also offer a range of supports for students with a disability including access to the Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) and the clinical contact person in the students’ partner hospital both of whom are available for advice and support.

In addition, the SNMHS has a Resource Guide which was developed in collaboration with our six clinical partner hospitals, UCD Access Centre and AHEAD. The Guide is a useful resource for students because it provides excellent information and guidance on a range of areas, with a focus on clinical practice, including legislation, competence, fitness to practise, disclosure, main types of disabilities, reasonable accommodations, and key resources relating to disability authorities and organisations.

Student rights and responsibilities are also outlined to ensure they are fully aware of all information and supports available to them throughout all aspects of their programme. The SNMHS, with AHEAD and UCD Access Centre, plan to develop a national, and local, support network groups for nursing and midwifery students with a disability and student guidelines for clinical practice.


Aishe Booklet 2016

Supporting Nursing and Midwifery Students with a Disability

Abbreviations and Terminology

UCD Nursing Clinical Needs Assessment

Resource Guide

National Guidelines on Supporting Students with a Disability