Our Research

Research context

The UCD research strategy aims to address the challenges that will shape Ireland’s future and its role in the world, and Health is one of UCD’s six priority research themes. Research in health underpins the design of integrated and inter-professional care pathways, encompassing interventions in hospital and community-based services. It informs our understanding of health care practices and consumers’ experiences of health systems, and it also informs health care leadership, with the aim of improving services, ensuring public safety and promoting health equalities and better health outcomes.

Research vision and mission

A key part of our School mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge through research and scholarship. Through our research and scholarship, our School aims to become one of Europe’s leading schools with an international reputation for excellence and impact in interdisciplinary research in healthcare. Our research will continue to contribute new evidence that informs health policy, service planning and clinical practice. We are committed to developing knowledge that informs health and social policy and advance professional practice in nursing, midwifery and the wider health system, both nationally and internationally. Our research is developed in collaboration with key stakeholders, including patients and members of the public, and health and social care professionals. We train the next generation of researchers through our graduate research programmes.

Key characteristics of our research

Our research is:

  • Based on rigorous scientific inquiry, using a range of methods  
  • Conducted by experts in social and experimental research in health care
  • Informed by systematic evidence review and synthesis
  • Informed by patient and public involvement
  • Committed to community engagement and public outreach
  • Individual, population and systems focused
  • Life-span in its orientation

Research Domains

Reputation and areas of expertise

The UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems is a globally high-ranking research-intensive School (QS World Ranking). Our faculty and research staff have a track record of securing national and international research funding for both programmatic and single-project research in healthcare practice, health policy and health systems. We conduct research in a number of focused areas, including health systems and services, the impact of social policy on health, maternal and infant health, social gerontology, family care, palliative care, cancer care, disability assistance, and nursing and midwifery policy. Our research investigates the personal and social impact of public policies on individuals and populations in terms of their health and wellbeing, the quality, safety and equity of services, and leadership in health and health systems. We deploy a range of methods in the social and behavioural sciences, and we have developed particular expertise in evidence synthesis, randomised controlled trials, survey methodology, instrument development, and qualitative methods.

Research degrees

The UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems offers high quality research training and supervision as part of our structured MSc Research and PhD programmes. Our thesis supervisors are faculty and senior research staff who are actively engaged in innovative health and social science research.