SHINE Smoke Free Homes Innovation Network

A multidisciplinary team of experts seeking to understand how best to support people to create a smoke-free home, given the health risks particularly to pregnant women, babies and children funded by Networking Grant from Irish Research Council / Economic and Social Research Council.

The University of Stirling and University College Dublin (UCD) are leading the new network of researchers, third sector groups and policy partners, with a view to informing the development of future interventions and support mechanisms to help reduce smoking in the home.

#LoveIrishResearch Blog: New network to explore ways to help reduce smoking in the home

Evidence suggests that creating smoke-free homes increases smokers’ likelihood of quitting and should also decrease the chance that children will become smokers themselves. Smoking rates are reducing in Ireland and UK; however, higher rates persist for those living in deprivation. We want to understand how to support people to create smoke-free homes, with particular interest in the health risks of smoking to pregnant women and children.

The aim of the SHINE network is to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the reasons why people in Ireland and the UK continue to smoke in the home.


1. Fostering sustainable multi-disciplinary relationships between academics, third sector groups and policy partners with a broad range of relevant expertise and interest in smoke-free homes research
2. Engaging with parents and carers through public involvement groups (PPI), to ensure that their views and needs feed into all network activities, outputs and future research plans.
3. Equipping network members to work towards developing grant applications that address the need for comprehensive, inter-sectoral approaches to smoke-free homes research.


- Launch: March 2021

- Workshop 1:  27th April 2021: 2pm to 4pm, Hosted by Dr Rachel O’Donnell, University of Stirling for all members of SHINE.

- Workshop 2: 14th January 2022 @ 2pm Hosted by Dr Kate Frazer, University College Dublin for all members of SHINE

Autumn Series Webinars  (August to November 2021)

- 31st August 2021: Hosted by Dr Rachel O’Donnell, Co- PI University of Stirling |

- 22nd September 2021: Hosted by Dr Kate Frazer, Co-PI University College Dublin | 

- 14th October 2021: Impact of COVID-19 on Smoking Cessation Services - Policy and Practice Perspectives | Webinar Registration - Zoom

- 3rd November: Tailoring approaches to reduce smoking cessation and support smoke free homes

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

- September to January 2022:  Engaging with key groups including families and marginalized groups.


O’Donnell R., Semple S., Kroll T., Frazer K. (2021) Smoke-free homes Innovation Network (SHINE) Charter: Priorities for future collaboration. Tobacco Control Blog. August 4th.

Poster presentation Faculty of Public Health Winter Scientific Meeting 8th December 2021 

Patient and Public Involvement: Supporting smoke-free homes collaborations in Ireland – who needs to be at the table?

Kate Frazer1, Thilo Kroll1, Cecily Kelleher1, Patricia Fitzpatrick1, Therese McDonnell1, Deirdre McGillicuddy1, Miriam Byrne2, Sean Semple3, Rachel O'Donnell3  (1University College Dublin, 2National University Ireland Galway (NUIG), 3University of Stirling)


Network supported by The Centre for Development, Evaluation, Complexity and Implementation in Public Health Improvement (DECIPHer), funded by Welsh Government through Health and Care Research Wales.