Graduate Diploma in Youth Mental Health

Graduate Diploma in Young Person's Mental Health, 60 credits

This Graduate Diploma in Youth Mental Health will enhance your knowledge and give you the building blocks for lifelong self-directed learning.  It will provide you with the key knowledge and skills to innovate in your understanding of Young People.

Highly focused on enhancing clinical practice
The programme is focused on developing practical, usable knowledge and skills to enable graduates to be even more effective professionals, change agents in the workplace.

Innovative modules
Each of the modules in the programme is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience and opportunities for acquiring new skills.  The emphasis throughout the programme is on the practical application of knowledge and skills when working with young people and their families.

The student body is drawn from a number of the professions, enabling the sharing of learning and experience between you and your class members, as well as from the academic staff.

Programme Aims

Programme Aims:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the principles which underpin the various aspects of child, adolescent and young adult development particularly in relation to emotional development.
  • Introduce students' to have an appreciation of developmental theory and the biopsychosocial sciences which underpin youth mental health.
  • Provide students with an opportunity for personal growth and professional development
  • Develop skills to enhance their professional practice, including critical analysis, creative thinking, decision making and communication.
Who is the Programme for?

This programme is designed for professionals who have a primary degree (or equivalent) in a related discipline and who are engaged in working with young people.

Programme Structure and Content

For the Graduate Diploma, the modules will be:

Core modules

**NMHS44130 Clinical Practicum (10 ECTS)

NMHS43270 Research Methods Applied to Healthcare (10 ECTS)

NMHS43140 Developing Leadership Competency (10 ECTS) OR NMHS43830 Collective Leadership and Effective Teamwork

Specialist modules (Students that have already taken the Prof Cert or Prof. Diploma in Youth Mental Health will be eligble to apply for RPL against NMHS44110 and/or NMHS44120

NMHS44120 Contemporary Issues in Young People’s Mental Health (10 ECTS)

NMHS44110 Young People’s Mental Health in Society – Advocacy and Support (10 ECTS)

PSYC404340 Understanding Neurodiversity (delivered in collaboration with the School of Medicine) (10 ECTS)

**Clinical Practicum (CV) Module - NMHS 44130

The clinical learning outcomes of this module have been designed to reflect the skills and knowledge necessary for competent Youth Mental Health practice. Each specialist module has distinct learning outcomes, which will facilitate the student to consolidate the theory of Youth Mental Health practice.


Careers/Where can I go?

The key knowledge and skills gained on this Programme should enable you to innovate in the area of practice Youth Mental Health.


Entry Requirements

·         All applicants must hold a primary degree in Nursing (or equivalent in related discipline)/RPL consideration if no degree - RPL Tab Heading

·         All applicants must be working with or have plans to work with young people

RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning

Students who have completed the Prof. Cert and/or Prof. Diploma can apply for RPL for NMHS44110 and/or NMHS44120.


If you do not possess Level 8:   All applicants must hold an academic qualification at NQAI Level 8 (e.g., Honours Degree or Higher Diploma). Applicants who do not possess an academic award at Level 8 or higher, may apply for entry to the Youth Mental Health Programmes on the basis of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Students will be asked to furnish a portfolio of evidence demonstrating their ability to undertake the programme.