Professional Diploma in Youth Mental Health

Professional Diploma in Youth Mental Health, (20 credits)

The programme is designed to expand the knowledge, skills and attitudes of professionals engaged with young people from a range of different environments. The  students are encouraged to apply their theoretical knowledge to their professional setting. Therefore, the role of the educator, innovator, researcher and advocate will be enhanced to meet the multiple and complex needs of young people in today’s ever-changing world. 


Programme Aims


The Program aims to:mme aims

  • Develop a greater understanding of the principles which underpin the various aspects of child, adolescent and young adult development particularly in relation to emotional development.

  • Introduce students' to have an appreciation of developmental theory and the biopsychosocial sciences which underpin youth mental health.

  • Provide students with an opportunity for personal growth and professional development

  • Develop skills to enhance their professional practice, including critical analysis, creative thinking, decision making and communication,


Who is the Programme for?

This programme is designed for professionals who have a primary degree (or equivalent) in a related discipline and who are engaged in working with young people. 


Programme Structure and Content

For the Professional Diploma (20 credits), students will take the following TWO core modules:

 NMHS44120 Contemporary Issues in Young People’s Mental Health (10 ECTS), Autumn Trimester

NMHS44110 Young People’s Mental Health in Society – Advocacy and Support (10 ECTS), Autumn Trimester


How to Apply

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