PhD & Masters by Research students


Praveenkumar Aivalli

Thesis Title: A realist evaluation of a national nutrition programme that aimed to improve maternal and child health nutrition service delivery in Assam, India

Thesis supervisor: Dr Aoife De Brún

Co-supervisor: Dr Brynne Gilmore


Nesreen Alalfi

Thesis Title:  Arab Muslims attitude to do not attempt to resusitation orders: Implications for end of life care decision-making process.

Thesis supervisor: Dr Michael Connolly


Marlize Barnard

Thesis Title:An Evaluation of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner GastroenterologyRole in Ireland – a Realist Perspective

Thesis supervisor: Associate Professor Mary Casey


Kate Coveney

Thesis Title:Support to determine the unmet needs of families of children withcongenital heart defects

Thesis supervisor: Professor Thilo Kroll

Co-supervisor: Dr Deirdre O'Donnell

Sara Dada

Thesis Title: Community Health Workers Delivering Maternal Health: A Realist Evaluation of a Community Engagement Framework

Thesis supervisor: Dr Brynne Gilmore

Co-supervisor: Dr Aoife De Brun

Saydeh Dableh

Thesis Title:Access of older people to Primary Healthcare Services in low and middle income countries

Thesis supervisor: Professor Thilo Kroll

Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Kate Frazer

Carolyn Donohoe

Thesis Title:To establish the relationship between strategic planning and implementation from the leaderships prespective in Health Care & organistaional settings

Thesis supervisor: Professor Thilo Kroll

Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Kate Frazer

Mathew Duoma

Thesis Title:iHealth systems organisational evaluation of quality indicators forsurviving cardiac arrest (Canada)

Thesis supervisor: Professor Thilo Kroll

Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Kate Frazer

Sharon Gorman

Thesis Title:Developing a model to progress public and patient involvement (PPI) inHealth care decision making in Ireland using a co-lead design approach

Thesis supervisor: Professor Eilish McAuliffe

Philip Hardie

Thesis Title:Learning through immersive virtual reality nursing scenarios

Thesis supervisor: Professor Suzi Jarvis

Co-supervisor: Dr Catherine Redmond

Julie Higgins

Thesis Title:Midwives perceptions of their own level of empowerment in the Irishmaternity care service

Thesis supervisor: Associate Professor Mary Casey


Yongchao Hou

Thesis Title: The Workplace Violence Experienced by Emergency Nurses in Mainland China: A Mixed Methods Study

Thesis supervisor: Professor Fiona Timmins


Rachel Howe

Thesis Title: Explore the barriers of enablers of Animal Assisted Interventions

Thesis supervisor: Professor Thilo Kroll

Roubina Karhily

Thesis Title:Public Perceptions about Primary Healthcare Centres in Lebanon

Thesis supervisor: Professor Thilo Kroll

Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Kate Frazer

Zuneera Khurshid

Thesis Title:Elements of patient safety at the individual, team and organisationallevel

Thesis supervisor: Professor Eilish McAuliffe

Orla Loftus

Thesis Title:A vision for contemporary professional nursing rolesin Irish general practice

Thesis supervisor: Associate Professor Mary Casey



Brid Leavy

Thesis Title: Transitioning during end-of-life care for informal caregivers - An interpretive phenomenological study.

Thesis supervisor: Professor Fiona Timmins


Breda Moloney

Thesis Title: Transition of young Family Carers into Education and Employment & Settings

Thesis supervisor: Dr Attracta Lafferty

Co-supervisor: Professor Thilo Kroll


Laura O'Toole

Thesis Title: Exploring the psycho-social needs of parents during the postpartum period of maternity care

Thesis supervisor: Dr Barbara Coughlan

Co-supervisor: Prof. Fionnula McAuliffe

Esther Onokayeigho

Thesis Title:Post Partum Haemorrhage: A Scourge of maternal mortality in Nigeria.

Thesis supervisor: Professor Abbey Hyde

Maxine Radcliffe

Thesis Title:Gendered experiences of homelessness and the influence of gender on healthoutcomes for people experiencing homelessness in Dublin

Thesis supervisor: Associate Professor Kate Frazer

Co-supervisor: Professor Thilo Kroll

Sophie Symmons

Thesis Title: Cervical Cancer Screening

Thesis supervisor: Dr Aoife De Brun 

Co-supervisor: Dr. Amanda Drury

Wayne Thompson

Thesis Title:Advanced Nurse Practitioners: What are the discourses in circulationaround their role, positionality and professional identity

Thesis supervisor: Professor Martin McNamara

Co-supervisor: Professor Gerard Fealy

Chu Yuan 

Thesis Title: Development and validation of a new post intensive care syndrome instrument among critically ill patients in intensive care units

Thesis supervisor: Professor Fiona Timmins

MSc Research

Maria Bautista

Thesis Title: A 10 year retrospective comparative study on the quality of life affects ofCVAD/Venous Devices in children and families.

Thesis supervisor: Professor Abbey Hyde

Shirley Bracken

Thesis Title:Photovoice: exploring children's experience of living with a rare disease

Thesis supervisor: Dr Suja Somanadhan

Ann Fitzgerald

Thesis Title: Exploring the ‘virtual’ work of advanced nurses

Thesis supervisor: Dr Mary Ryder

Yewande Ogunnaike

Thesis Title:Language barriers and the use of medical interpreters: Capturing current practices in Irish paediatric hospitals. 

Thesis supervisor: Dr Suja Somanadhan

Co-supervisor: Professor Abbey Hyde

Caoimhe Whelan

Thesis Title: Womens experiences of breastfeeding with primary insufficient milk supply

Thesis supervisor: Dr Denise O'Brien

Co-supervisor: Professor Abbey Hyde